Kyra Mirante, LMBT

Kyra utilizes many strategies of touch to facilitate a sense of ease in the body. Synthesizing the theories and skills from more than decade of manual therapy training, her techniques are focused on fascial tissue and the nervous system. Most recently, she is drawn to the research surrounding the biopsychosocial nature of pain and how education can aid in her clients' progress.  Kyra uses moderate pressure and believing the healing process to be fundamentally collaborative, enlists the help of her clients' active movement to promote proprioception and functional joint mobility. Other times, the subtle listening touch of Craniosacral therapy is more well suited to calm the nervous system. Although markedly different from Swedish massage, at the end of each session, clients often report feeling an increased sense of lightness in the body.
Kyra asks that clients wear flexible shorts and, if applicable, a comfortable bra for the session.